Travels with Lise - July, 2001

We go traveling, driving north to 'splore what may be seen, attending the BACDS English Dance Camp week in the Mendocino Woodlands, and camping for several days afterwards, slowly making our way back down the coast.
Towards evening after happy adventuring, heading for home on our final day, here Lise pulls over next to a firehouse along Highway 1 in Marin, near the tiny town of Seacliff, with the great delight of having found once again a favorite memory of her prior travels this way: this chapel by the roadside, built and lovingly maintianed by anonymous neighbors:


fountain Just outside the chapel itself, runs this fountain...


window-1 window-2
There's not a 90-degree angle in the place, nor, looking at it, should there be...
roofpeak roof
It's obvious that each shingle in the complex curves of the roof has been laid Just So, by hand.
Much cheered and a little amazed, we head for home and are there before midnight.

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