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San Antonio, Nov. 2003

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San Antonio, TX; November 2003

Since Ruth's editing is as easy to pack along as her computer, there's no reason not to accompany Lise on a Library committee meeting trip, especially when there are two in one week, for a triangle hop!

The second and longer hop was to San Antonio, TX; here Ruth had some time to sketch, and here are some of those sketches.
hyatt lobby2
Water Garden in Hyatt Lobby
Riverwalk View
View from a Riverwalk Cafe
Riverwalk plantings
Plantings near a waterway, on the walkway from the Hyatt towards the Alamo Plaza.
hyatt lobby
Hyatt Lobby
Riverwalk bridge
The architect of the Riverwalk was notably influenced by Venice, vis the gentle arches of the bridges.
pine cone
The generous trees bounced this cone off my head while sketching aforementioned bridge on a windy afternoon.
bus stop sculpture
This orange (orange!) sculpture graces (graces?) a small park near the Riverwalk. Residents apparently either love or hate it. There's apparently one very similar to it somewhere in SF that's shiny silver.

SSAC fountain
I took the bus out to the Southwest School of Art and Design (who inaugurated an Art-o-Mat installation that week!) and browsed galleries, journaled in their cafe and enjoyed the bookshop. This fountain is in a back courtyard, and is a memorial to a beloved past teacher.

The San Antonio Museum of Art is a treasure-trove of ancient art of this part of the world, including a pre-Mayan accordion book showing taxation records.

Statue sketch
This fellow with the cool hat and not much else had the sweetest smile; dates from some time 800 - 1500 b.c.e. and hailed from what is now Ecuador.
hanten design
The museum had on a special exhibit of hanten (worn by firefighters) and happi coat designs. Wow! Lovely indigo work and descriptions of the dye techniques used. Apparently the type of bees who make wax hives don't exist, or are very very rare in Japan, so there wasn't beeswax to do batik types of techniques with; indigo dyers used rice paste, and developed the different forms of shibori (tied or blocked resist patterns) instead.

The pen sketches here reproduce much more satisfyingly than the pencil scrawls - I have revisited some of the original drawings with ink, and post anew, and will probably do the rest. (You can poke through the index of pixtx to see the pencils if you must).

These drawings were done during November, 2003, as part of my undertaking to create 10,000 square inches of artwork of some kind, as part of the Art By the Inch challenge. The museum sketches were pretty quick griffes, and the more detaily pages on the San Antonio Riverwalk were 20 - 30 minute sketches.

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