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The elves at Ru Temple Design Studio -- elves? There are no elves, it's just us doing this -- we've been working with knitting design elements, and Lise Dyckman has developed a line of tea cosies. These are worked in wool and have been hand-felted with hot water, soap, agitation, and a few waulking songs. This innovative design is made so you can pour your cup of tea without having to remove the cosy. They fasten under the handle with either a vintage or hand-crocheted button.

wave in 
brown and butternut Lopi wool
TC-001 Wave Pattern in brown and butternut Lopi wool.

Leaf Pattern
TC-002 Leaf Pattern in Greens (small), Lopi wool.
TC-003 Rolling Block pattern in Rust and Blue, Lopi wool.

TC-004 Flame Pattern tea cosy (Medium)

TC-001 Wave Pattern
TC-002 Leaf Pattern (2 on Small, 3 on Medium, 4 on Large)
TC-003 Rolling Block (Zigzag)
TC-004 Flame Pattern
TC-005 Curlicue
TC-006 Intaglia "Double Happiness" Chinese Character
TC-007 Intaglia "Longevity" Chinese Character
TC-008 Petal Design
TC-009 Cat

Currently In Stock:
TC-001 Wave in Brown/Butternut (Large)
TC-002 Leaf - Green/Light Green (Small)
TC-002 Leaf - Brown/Green/Light Green (Large)
TC-003 Blue Heather/Rust (Medium)
TC-004 Purple/Flame (Medium) -- (pictures coming soon)
TC-004 Black Natural/Flame (Small)
TC-005 Blue Heather/Butternut (Medium)
TC-006 Ash Grey/Red (Small)
TC-008 Red Heather/Light Green (Small)
TC-009 Black Natural/Ash Grey (Small)

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