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Editing and Pre-Print Production: Ruth's Livelihood

I'm a freelance technical editor and pre-print production specialist. I love the wide variety of work that's come my way in the past couple of decades, and look forward to the kinds of work that will come to my hand in the next few decades. My current worklife has seasonal tides that match the academic year, as a majority of my clients are thesis and dissertation students. I am on a short list of recommended technical review Editors for students at CIIS, and perform both technical review editing and offer copyediting services. I would be glad to bid on your projects, whether you need help with word processing and formatting, on through pre-press technical editing. To enquire, send an email to editing 
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Update: I have moved into a professional website for the editing/writing and art sales business sides of my life - Ruth - See Editing for more detail on the editing business.

Of potential interest to grad students and other research-hounds, I've installed WikiNDX, a reference aggregator and organizer in multi-user mode. You can register, create a database and insert your own references, make notes to yourself about them, and download reference lists in your preferred format. Since I work mainly in APA, the default format is set there, but you may format your lists to your favorite flavor of style manual.

Journaling Arts

Writing and editing are also things I enjoy on a hobby level. I keep an online LiveJournal, and am active on various arts email discussion lists. Drawing, painting, concept- mapping and art techniques of all kinds go along with the sacred quotidien of my written journaling. I thrive in a community that shares ideas, inspiration, and encouragement to try new ways of blending imagery, color and words.

Other Kinds of Art


Since January of 2003, a handful of art friends have begon to gather, and are working our way through different art forms for pleasure. Currently we all seem to be on a bead kick, or rather, we've been joined by an avid beader and everybody's fascinated with wanting to know how she makes the wonders she does, and that's brought in more book-arts and beading mavens!
While up in Seattle in May, Lise and I wandered into World Beads, and I was claimed within a few minutes by a hank of beads that summoned me from across the room, saying "we're Salmon." - What was I to do but carry them off and make it so? Well, it took me a bit of a while, but here's my first Salmon:


First Salmon. 2003 Ruth Temple

in early August, some of the art gathers group went up the hill to meet with ConText, the Contemporary Textile Artists' Guild, who spent this meeting on Beadmania! I had wanted to start a bead embroidery piece, and after finding that working on leather is a little tougher than I wanted to spend the effort on, that bead embroidery onto a good cloth backing (I wound up using a scrap of narrow-wale corduroy) works up incredibly fast, and I was delighted to finish this tree the next afternoon!

beaded tree
Autumn Tree 2003 Ruth Temple

Book Arts and Letterpress

Since the summer of 2002, I've been taking book and paper arts classes at the San Francisco Center for the Book. and have received certification to run the Vandercook presses. I've bought a bit of type (Century Schoolbook font), and am collecting sample texts I think it would be cool to set, and have a chapbook project in mind... on down the road some year.
I've also enjoyed meeting the punsters who keep the historical print shop project in San Jose active and alive, and hope to wander down that direction and fossick about in that print shop on occasion.
In 2003, I have taken a marbling class and a paste paper class, and results of both of these are showing up in my book-binding, as decorative cover papers.

The National Novel Writing Month happens in November each year, and I set me down to Write. A bunch. Every day. The sign-up boards are open, now that it's October: I'm there as RuTemple. This year I'm actually going to mock up and outline a plot, and see where it goes. Go thou and dare yourself!
In 2001 my writing turned out to be something journaling can often turn into: a cathartic processing of some personal issues; in 2002, I captured a number of observations and vignettes of Life in San Francisco. And in the next year, who knows? I don't particularly expect to write The Great American Novel, but I do enjoy it as an exercise and always get some useful draft-writing out of it, in any case. Maybe one of these years I'll actually string together an entire 50,000 agglomeration of words during November! I take this challenge as a light amateur, for the mere enjoyment of the writing.

Art by the Inch

In November, 2003, inspired by a housemate about to embark on National Novel Writing Month, Tricia Leach began a project that I hope will go on for years: Art by the Inch. This is a 30-day challenge to set a goal to create a certain number of square inches of artwork (any medium) and to share the process with other artists.
So far, there have been three ABTI challenges, November 2003; May, 2004, and November, 2004


"Practice Words," suggests a calligraphy teacher I know. Create lists of words that resonate and practice writing them in your chosen hand... She suggests that one create sample lists including: round words, action words, contemplative words, musical words... Abecediaries, or studies that use all the letters in the alphabet, are also a calligrapher's delight.
I am available to letter your invitations, cards, and have even penned out a dance written by a friend as a gift memento for another. One motto I have pinned above my studio desk is "Art Takes Time."

Zine Publishing

WayzGoose Magazine: A Feast of Arts and Letters
In 2003, Ruth has begun publishing a small magazine dedicated to all her various arts and bookish delights. WayzGoose has its own subdomain at this website!

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